See how A wild snake almost bit a motorcyclist in Thailand

Description: See how A wild snake almost bit a motorcyclist in Thailand. All the guy in the video below wanted to do was to take a nice little ride on his motorcycle, and all that he got was a snake trying to attack him on the road out of nowhere. The incident, which occurred on a Thailand road, shows the moment a guy on a motorcycle is almost bitten by a snake. The video was taken by the vehicle behind the motorcyclist, and you can clearly see that the man on the motorcycle swerves a bit in order to avoid the angry snake. Take a look at the crazy and very random video above. Man, that would have been one ugly scene if the snake actually succeeded, but luckily for the motorcyclist, he missed. Now there is no word on what happened to the snake, and if he got ran over by the other vehicle or not. But if he didn’t, I’m going to assume he’s still hanging around on that open road, hoping to attack some guy that is taking a stroll on his bike.
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