Awesome Short|The Blacksmith-by Unity Technologies

Description: Check out what can now be created with a FREE "REAL-TIME" game engine!! The Blacksmith is a real-time rendered short film inspired by Old Norse mythology. We developed it to try out the rendering capabilities of Unity 5, the newest version of the Unity game engine. It shows the advanced graphics features that come out of the box. Since the engine is extremely extensible, we could also implement a number of custom solutions. ---------------------- **The assets and environments from the film are released publicly and can be downloaded for free from the Unity AssetStore** http://blogs.unity3d.com/2015/06/24/r... Website - https://unity3d.com/ The song ‘Ilmarinen’s Lament’, from American-Swedish indie musician Theo Hakola, and enhanced it with additional elements he composed and recorded himself.
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